Service Areas

New world thinking. Real world experience.

Financial Control

The WCH Group’s Financial Division is focused on delivering increased shareholder value and improving profits. We do this by applying an MRI scan to the business which highlights areas for improvement. We then focus on:

  • process
  • productivity
  • proficiency; and
  • profit

And, through the Model for Real Improvement (M4RI) we develop a program to deliver the results. This includes a monthly reporting cycle (three way forecasts) which creates sensitivity at the lowest level in the organisation.

Tools we deploy can include:

  • MRI Scan to highlight shortfalls
  • M4RI to develop the action plan
  • Benchmarking – we utilise a best practice framework to drive meaningful action and results; and
  • Value Stream Mapping – to view the entire system from a financial perspective

Market Insights

The WCH Group’s Research, Marketing and Communications Division is focussed on delivering information for our clients so they are able to:

  • Develop and implement effective sales and marketing campaigns
  • Make informed business decisions to maintain and retain customers
  • Define and refine the company’s Competitive Advantage
  • Provide due diligence to support M&A projects including Feasibility Studies
  • Measure demand for new products and services; and
  • Country and Industry reviews.

Our cross pollination of experience in project management and deep industry knowledge driven by precise analytics and insightful reporting provides pinpoint accuracy to business development, strategy and market development decisions faced by many businesses.

Specific services include traditional market research services including primary, secondary, qualitative and quantitative methodologies such as:

  • Online Surveys including Employee Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Focus Groups and Workshops; and
  • Executive Interviews; as well as
  • Economic Modelling; and
  • Big Data Analytics

Change Management

The WCH Group’s Change Management division is focused on delivering the following outcomes for clients:

  • Building change capacity,
  • Unlocking potential within your organisation
  • Maximizing outcomes for improvements
  • Embedding change within your organisation

Our focus at WCH Group is to work alongside your Executive and Staff to focus on meaningful change within your organisation.

Tools we deploy can include:

  • Building a strong case for change – to ensure that the change has a real purpose and that there is a strong case for change that can be ‘actioned’ across the organisation.
  • A network of Change Champions – to engage key staff members to build their capacity to move the change process forward, thus increasing the reach of the change process within your organisation.
  • Continuous Quality Improvements – Establishing base line data, along with regular updates to show measurable gains within the change process.
  • Clear messaging – Enabling staff and stakeholders to be informed of the changes, the impacts on their roles and responsibilities and the outcomes to the organisation. WCH Group prides themselves on their ability to articulate this via a multitude of mediums to ensure everyone is taken on the change management journey

A sustainable framework – WCH Group works with the Executive and Management Team to ensure that all changes that are implemented as sustained with the ability to measure the change outcomes.

Capacity & Efficiency

The WCH Group’s Capacity and Efficiency division is focused on delivering the following outcomes for clients:

  • Maximising capacity,
  • Unlocking production efficiency, and
  • Maximizing profit.

Whether a process is office-based paperwork or shop floor production, we can help.  Through our system level approach we can identify root causes, reveal previously hidden issues and create valuable new understanding.  Our focus on meaningful outcomes means we work with you to implement the solutions.  We generate results, not reports.

Tools we deploy can include:

  • Benchmarking – Utilise a Best Practice framework to drive meaningful action and results.
  • Value Stream Mapping – View the entire system, understand resource deployment and usage.
  • Theory of Constraints – Focus on the bottleneck and manage appropriately.
  • Lean foundation practices – Standard Work, Visual Management, Focused Improvement, Team Work, 5S Housekeeping and Organisation
  • Inventory Optimisation – The right products in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity.
  • Supply Chain Development – Often the greatest improvement opportunity lies outside your four walls; we have the frameworks and experience to optimise the entire supply chain.